Method statements are also known as safe work method statements and are required by companys, local authoritys etc. to show that a particular work task to be done on a particular site has been studied , the site checked and that a safe method of carrying out the work has been written. The length and detail of a method statement vary considerably, for fairly simple jobs where perhaps some unskilled labour will be doing the work (under the supervision of a trained and experienced person) then the method statement should be written as a basic and easy to understand system of work. On the other hand dangerous or elaborate works may require a more detailed method statement possibly with drawings and photos of details included.

The general requirements for any method statement could be:-

What do our method statement examples contain?

Our Method statements contain the items above, with many years experience we have written ours with the most common risks, tools and equipment and naturally a generic safe work method. These are written to help persons not only new to health and safety but experienced persons from Engineers, Sub agents, Agents, Project Managers and Safety Officers as well as a multitude of non building and construction related staff who use our documents as templates, they check that the site related risks are covered as well as the method of work, editing is fast with Microsoft Word ™ and our documents are known to safe time and of course money.

Within the United Kingdom we find that more often than not a Site Engineer or Sub Agent or young manager is given the task of writing the project method statements and risk assessments and whilst they may have experience often there are none or very poor templates available in the site/general offices, ours are easy to understand and fully editable enabling us to cater for all grades of experience and work types.

What if I have no experience at all?

​We have thought about this, in 2008 we developed our very popular Method Statement & Risk Assessment Pack this document gets updated every year and currently our 2019edition contains 30 pages of guides, information, examples from very basic to ultra detailed as well as blank templates, this is highly recommended if you need to know more about writing these documents. 
































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