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Please note that all products are digital downloads, In order to access them please log into your account and select the downloads tab.

For any questions not answered here please contact us on sales@method-statement-template.info

****If you are an iphone user please note that downloads are normally sent direct to your cloud.***

****Microsoft outlook & Office 365  and Hotmail users note that our emails containing links and purchase info most likely in SPAM/JUNK folders****

Frequently Asked Questions (Scroll Down For Answers)

1. How do I download my purchases?

2. Why do most items have 3 downloads available?

3. How do I edit the documents and templates?

4. I Receive an error " File not supported or damaged file, or e-mail not supported"

5. Do I really need to open a Paypal Account?

6. I forgot my password, Ive selected the lost password link and I have not received any emails.

 For More Information- please contact us using the contact us screen

1. How do I download my purchases?   (See below for mobile devices)

You are asked to set up an account when making your purchase, the products that you buy are all digital downloads and are automatically placed in your account. (Please ensure you write down your user name and password as we do not have access to them.) To download simply log into your account and select the downloads tab, click on the download symbol on the right hand side of the download product name as per the image below

Typical Mobile downloads, log into your account, scroll down to the downloads section, click on that, you will need to scroll left/right depending on your phones screen size.


 Some computers may not start the download by simply clicking on the product, you may need to "right" click with your mouse and select "save to computer" or "save As".

We have had some customers trying to "click" the purchased item description in the sales invoice, You do need to access your account to obtain the downloads!

Remember that all items with multiple documents will be in Zipped Files, most computers have  zip/unzip software, if not you can download a good version here http://www.jzip.com/ or one tested in August 2014 http://www.zipeg.com/

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 then your downloads will be inside your Downloads folder, go to "My Documents" and look for "Downloads" on the top left hand menu.

2. Why do some items have 3 downloads?

This is to give you extra back ups of your purchases, most people will download and save the document to a suitable location on their computer, if you download and cannot find the item see above.

 3. How do I edit the documents and templates?  

All our Health and Safety Documents are compiled in Microsoft Word ®, this makes them editable with 99% of todays computers as most have a version of MS Word® Installed. Please note that larger files containing more than one document will most likely be zipped to reduce the file size for downloading,  you will need to unzip the file, if you do not have winzip on your computer a free version is available here http://www.7-zip.org/

If you are a MAC user we suggest you use a copy of "Open Office" this is FREE and available here http://download.cnet.com/mac/word-processing-software/

4. I Receive an error " File not supported or damaged file, or e-mail not supported"

This error is either due to trying to open a .zip file  directly in MS Word, or more often than not its your anti Malware software and or browser settings, this is very common with BT and AOL users, Its quicker to email us and ask for file attachments of your purchased items, we normally respond within an hour or less. 

5. Do I really need to open a Paypal Account?

No... Just go through the payment process and after you have completed filling in your details there is a tick box that you can select or deselect to save your information.

These Screen Images show the easy steps:-

6. Lost password issues:- We find that the emails that contain the link to reset forgotten passwords is often in your spam or junk mail folders,please check your spam/junk if you dont find the reset password email in your inbox.

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