Chemical Safety and COSHH in the Workplace

Chemical Safety and COSHH in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide

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Structural Steel Erection Safety- UK Regulations
Structural Steel Erection Safety- UK Regulations When it comes to construction work, safety should be the top priority. One of the most hazardous tasks in construction is the erection of structural steel. Steel erection is a complex process that involves a significant amount of risk, not only to the workers involved but also to the general public. In the UK, there are specific regulations in place to ensure the safety of workers and the public during structural steel erection. In this article, we will discuss the UK regulations regarding structural steel erection safety. Overview of St..
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Brick and Blockwork Pack
We have had some requests for a Pack that will be suitable for Brick and Block laying Work This is now available and contains :- Method statement for bricklaying and blockwork Risk Assessment for bricklaying and blockwork Risk Assessment for Working With Cement Mixers Risk Assessment for Manual Handling  Risk Assessment for Work at Height  Risk Assessment for Abrasive Wheels (cutting & grinding)  COSHH Assessment for Silica Sand COSHH Assessment for Cement OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) Blank Method Statement Template Blank Risk Assessment Template..
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Painters Safety Document Pack
Our new pack for painters, Contains a Method Statement, Risk assessment for work at height and risk assessment for slips trips and falls. With 6 coshh assessments:- Water Based Emulsion Paint Leyland Paints- High Gloss Dulux Trade- Diamond Matt Dulux Trade- Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint Dulux Trade- Satinwood Dulux Trade- Supermatt All these purchased individually would cost just over £80, Our price is set at just £28.99  ..
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Risk Assessment for Woodwork
A great 3 page detailed Risk Assessment for powered woodworking tools, suitable for tempory workshops, shop fitting and construction work the main associated risks covered are:- Cuts Noise Dust Slip and Trips Electric Shock Eye Injuries Each of these main risks has staeps to reduce the risks, and more. ..
Risk Assessments & Method Statements
So much has been written on the subject and there is a large amount of fairly poor information being supplied. For people new to Health and Safety this can be a difficult subject, in fact many people are unduly scared of making mistakes that they will often procrastinate or ignore their health and safety obligations. So what are Risk Assessments and method statements?, and whats the easiest way to compile them? In basic terms:- Study your work site and work area with the work thats to be done in mind, note what hazards you see, these should be work and site related. Note who o..
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New Account Creation in 30 seconds
Shopping online can be risky at times, we have now installed a great brand new system, we only need your name and email address, a password and thats it! All our products are digital and are downloaded from our customers account area, this is a breeze. We use Paypal as our payment provider and they are ultra secure, this coupled with the mediocre info we need to set up your account will give all potential buyers  a much needed sigh of relief as they know that their personal details are secure.   ..
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Our Generic Method Statement & Risk Assessment pack is suitable for residential dwelling demolition or similar works. The Current Demolition Pack Contains: Demolition Risk Assessment.     Demolition Method statement.     Blank Risk Assessment Template     Blank Method Statement Template     Method Statement for Control of Construction Dust   Method statement for demolition of internal load bearing walls Ge..
House Builders Pack
We have updated our House builders pack, this contains 31 documents including Method statements, risk assessments and COSHH The pack is now available for purchase HERE ..
Mega Pack Reduced
Our builders mega pack has been updated, all documents are now on our latest templates and we have added a couple of extra documents. This 59 document pack is on special for £139.99  To purchase this see HERE ..
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Heat stress
Heat stress affects building and construction related works, steps should be taken to reduce the risks. What are the typical symptoms:-? Cramping Muscles, often these include side stitches and calf muscles. Dry skin that maybe hot to the touch, loss of concentration and confusion, rash, person is very thirsty, headaches, tiredness, dizziness and in extreme heat stroke the person may convulse and could lose consciousness. Reducing the risks of heat stress:- Firstly determine if the sources of heat can be stopped, if not then determine if the temperature can be controlled by:- ..
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Management of Risk in the Workplace
Management of Risk in the Workplace Companies should introduce risk management techniques by ensuring all workplace hazards and associated risks have been appropriately identified, assessed and controlled. They can  achieve this by: Establishing a register of hazards and associated risks. Undertaking all risk management in conjunction with representatives from the workforce. Training all employees in the use and application of all controls introduced for each identified risk. Employing specific techniques to ensure risks  are managed effectively. The following ..
Risk Identification List
Sample Risk Identification checklist Factors taken into account: Are the substances used in a particular task suitable for the task? Is the plant used in a particular task suitable for the task? Are the plant and substances suitable to the environmental conditions and terrain in which they are used? Are there any foreseeable abnormal situations which may arise, such as potential misuse of any materials or equipment and fluctuating operating conditions (eg, during times of peak production)? Is there potential for injury from moving parts of plant or building fixtures, such as ..
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Method Statements are crucial in the workplace

The Importance of Method Statements in Construction Projects

Best Practices for Conducting Risk Assessments

Building and construction work is a high-risk industry that requires constant vigilance and careful planning to ensure the safety of all involved. A critical component of this planning process is the conduct of regular risk assessments. In this article, we'll explore best practices for conducting risk assessments in building and construction work and provide valuable insights for industry professionals.

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