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Brick and Blockwork Pack

Brick and Blockwork Pack

We have had some requests for a Pack that will be suitable for Brick and Block laying Work

This is now available and contains :-

  1. Method statement for bricklaying and blockwork
  2. Risk Assessment for bricklaying and blockwork
  3. Risk Assessment for Working With Cement Mixers
  4. Risk Assessment for Manual Handling 
  5. Risk Assessment for Work at Height 
  6. Risk Assessment for Abrasive Wheels (cutting & grinding) 
  7. COSHH Assessment for Silica Sand
  8. COSHH Assessment for Cement OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement)
  9. Blank Method Statement Template
  10. Blank Risk Assessment Template
  11. Recently added:- Risk Assessment for slips, trips and falls


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Posted by Chartered Engineer

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry including building and civils work carried out in Africa and Europe

Project and Safety Management on projects exceeding £30 million, Health and Safety a priority.

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