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Building and construction work is a high-risk industry that requires constant vigilance and careful planning to ensure the safety of all involved. A critical component of this planning process is the .. Read More
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Risk Identification List
Sample Risk Identification checklist Factors taken into account: Are the substances used in a particular task suitable for the task? Is the plant used in a particular task suitable for the task? Are the plant and substances suitable to the environmental conditions and terrain in which they are used? Are there any foreseeable abnormal situations which may arise, such as potential misuse of any materials or equipment and fluctuating operating conditions (eg, during times of peak production)? Is there potential for injury from moving parts of plant or building fixtures, such as ..
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Management of Risk in the Workplace
Management of Risk in the Workplace Companies should introduce risk management techniques by ensuring all workplace hazards and associated risks have been appropriately identified, assessed and controlled. They can  achieve this by: Establishing a register of hazards and associated risks. Undertaking all risk management in conjunction with representatives from the workforce. Training all employees in the use and application of all controls introduced for each identified risk. Employing specific techniques to ensure risks  are managed effectively. The following ..
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