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Our Combined Method Statement, Risk Assessment & Coshh Pack
After many hours of editing we are happy to announce that our Combined Method Statement, Risk Assessment and COSHH Guide and Example Pack has been updated to our 2013 edition. With over 70 Pages of guides, examples, hints and tips as well as blank templates. If you are new to Method statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH then this pack is ideal and you will be writing your own with confidence in a couple of hours or less. To help even more! we have decided to give away our 2013 template pack with this product and this will appear in your downloads area when you purchase our new ed..
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Essential Builders Pack
We recently added even more documents to our "Builders Mega Pack" giving a total of 24, This value based on current individual prices is £215 which is a reasonable price, but we have decided to keep the special offer price of a paltry £49.99!, this means you are getting each document for £2.08 We must be mad but understand that everyones feeling the economic pinch. Obviously we cannot keep this special offer going for much longer and will have to end it before too long.                   ..
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Method Statement and Risk Assessment Guide Updated
Our best selling method statement and risk assessment guide pack has been updated for 2013 and released today the 18th of June more guidance and examples have been added and this item in bundled with our blank templates 2013 pack ..
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Need Method Statements?
We have seen a surge in the number of customers looking for example method statements for a large array of work types, To satisfy eveyone we would need to have hundreds if not thousands of these documents listed. Our Most popular "Method Statement & Risk Assessment Pack contains simple and advanced examples, guides and useful information to enable anyone to read our guide and then write a method statement or risk assessment using our blank templates. ..
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New Shop Layout!
As our returning visitors will have noticed we have just upgraded our shopping cart system, this update provides excellent user interfaces and streamlines the processes. ..
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